File extension jpm is used by following file type(s):

File extension jpm file type description:
JPEG 2000 multi-layer image format (ISO 15444-6) file

The JPM file extension is associated with the JPEG 2000 file format, an image compression format based on the wavelet technology. The format itself is defined by several standards (parts), from the basic coding system, to support of other various aspects.

The JPM format's compositing model is based on the Mixed Raster Content standard (ISO/IEC 16485) and keeps all features of JP2 format (JPEG 2000 PART 1).

A typical JPM format contains:

  • a binary container for multiple bi-level and continuous-tone images used to represent a compound image
  • a mechanism by which multiple images can be combined into a single compound image
  • a mechanism for grouping multiple images in a hierarchy of layout objects, pages and page collections
  • a mechanism for storing JPEG 2000 and other compressed image data formats
  • a mechanism for the inclusion of metadata

The .jpm files can be used to store multi-page documents with many objects per page. Although JPM is a member of the JPEG 2000 family, it supports the use of many other coding or compression technologies as well. For example, JBIG2 could be used for regions of text, and JPEG could be used as an alternative to JPEG 2000 for photographic images.

MIME: image/jpm

that open jpm files:
IrfanView (Microsoft Windows)
XnView (multiplatform software)